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News Updates

InnoTrans 2022

We are exicited to announce that we will be once again exhibiting at the InnoTrans exhibition. The show runs from 20th - 23rd September 2022 at Messe Berlin. Come and visit us to view our latest range of rail measurement products. You can find us at Stand 110, Hall 22B.

London Underground Approval

The ABT5650 Collapsible RouteScan was fully approved for use by London Undergound on 15/11/21.

The ABT4650 RouteScan has been widely used by London Underground over the past decade for measuring tunnel clearances, datum plates and more recently platforms. The new ABT5650 will continue to offer the same measurement functionality but with faster and more accurate readings combined with a more user friendly solution, which is easier to transport to and from site.

New Products

The 2021 Abtus railway measurement range has been expanded by the addition of three; fully Network Rail Approved products. The ABT8000 Data Logging Laser Height & Stagger and the ABT8100 Laser Height & Stagger improve the offering for the OHL market, whilst the ABT7100 Track Geometry Trolley provides a robust and reliable trolley for Gauge, Cant and Twist measurements. All three products are available for a variety of nominal track gauges and all will work with embedded rail. For further information please contact sales@abtus.com

ABT8000 Data Logging Laser Height & Stagger Gauge

Abtus are pleased to announce that the ABT8000 Data Logging Laser Height & Stagger Gauge has now received Full Network Rail Product Acceptance.

The ABT8000 is a further development of the ABT4640 Laser Height & Stagger gauge. This next generation model gives the user the ability to log and store data directly to an android device, saving post processing time back at the office. The ABT8000 can be used in conjunction with the new Abtus App or simply used as a digital recording gauge.

Measuring Capabilities include, Cable Height, Cable Stagger, Gauge, Cant (S/E) and REFOS. A Built in GPS system also allows the user to accurately record the works location making for easier re-inspections. Manufactured from hardwearing but lightweight GRP the ABT8000 is both robust and easy to transfer to and from site.

The ABT8000 is on sale from December 2020 and for further details please contact Hayley Carter on hayley.carter@abtus.com


ABT7100 Track Geometry Trolley

The ABT7100 is a dedicated Track Geometry Trolley capable of recording track gauge, cant, twist, distance and GPS positioning as well as providing the user with the opportunity to flag track defects whilst recording.